June 7, 2017

this year's conference featured 3 great speakers.
check out their presentations below.


Knowledge is Power for Marketers 


Kristy Lowery, Digital Tulip, LLC

By understanding the practice or physician’s core patient, differentiator and marketing goals we can better understand how to be efficient with our marketing dollars. Digital Marketing enables us to see real time reporting and engagement with our campaigns. Did we see patient growth and better reimbursement rates? Did we acquire new patients? As the Marketing department, how much transparency into the practice numbers do we get? How are new patient leads processed that we work hard to acquire? Is there accountability inside the practice? How do we prove our ROI?

What to Track and How to Track It

Stephen Moegling, Franklin Street

Marketers are on the hot seat to prove value every day to the organization. Good news: access to metrics is plentiful. But all this access often times only introduces new questions, like: What’s most meaningful to track? How do you hardwire tracking into your campaigns? How do you persuasively communicate revenue results to stakeholders? This engaging session provides both case studies and best practices that will inform, engage and inspire health care marketers.

Beth O'Daniel.jpg

Target Your Consumers Down to Every Left Handed Nun in Your City: Targeting at Its Finest

Beth O'Daniel, Roar Advertising

What kinds of targets can healthcare professionals reach? We’ll discuss core audiences for anything from staff recruitment to patient and best practices and how to reach these audiences. With the digital age comes even more hyper-targeting. Geographical targeting is a given nowadays. We can target consumer intent, habits, incomes and more. Find out how narrow you can target - even down to every left handed nun in your city.