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10 a.m. - Registration & Breakfast
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United States Postal Service

Informed Delivery
Informed Delivery is new free technology that offers business mailers the opportunity to engage users through an integrated marketing campaign that generates additional consumer impressions. Paul Sowders will also discuss Informed Visibility, which provides near real-time mail visibility, enabling you to better plan your mailing campaigns and resources.


Paul Sowders, USPS

Paul is a USPS Headquarters Business Alliances Specialist. He has worked for the Postal Service for more than 31 years, including at least 11 years in various position in USPS Sales.

St. Elizabeth Healthcare

Millions of Views and Counting - How one Kentucky system found success with video
St. Elizabeth Healthcare, located in Northern Kentucky, has found it’s voice. Whether you are looking for a healthy recipe or want to learn which of the seven dwarfs our providers most resemble, we are creating video content that pushes the envelope. Behind any successful campaign, there is a strategy. Come and learn why video is the future and how we already have millions of views on our content.


Diane Bielo – Senior Coordinator Digital Communications

Diane joined the St. Elizabeth Healthcare team in 2011. She leads several video projects for the system, including the highly successful “Physician Storytelling” video project, which gives patients the opportunity to get know their physician on both a professional and personal level before they even make an appointment. She’s also a proud Cincinnati Reds fan who has sung the National Anthem at Great American Ball Park on two separate occasions.

Nathan Engels – Manager of Digital Communications

Nathan is the manager of digital communications at St. Elizabeth Healthcare. His experiences are not like most. From a reality show on TLC (Google him) to a popular blog that reaches millions every week, Nathan lives and breathes digital. He joined St. Elizabeth in May of 2017 and is already driving results. Innovation is uncomfortable, and he is unafraid to push boundaries to ensure that St. Elizabeth leads the way in digital.


Springboard Brand & Creative Strategy

SWIM or Sink
Consumers want a relationship with brands. To accomplish this, brands must engage with a “Heartbeat” message, instead of pounding people with a “Chest Beat” message. We will define SWIM as it relates to creating this relationship:

Search – benefits, best practices, targeting, new tactics
Web – optimization, hub for messaging and tracking, success factors for inbound marketing, content
Interact – on social media, best practices, calendars, targeting, posts and ads, channels, uses
Measure – analytics, refinement, testing

Case study samples of a digital/social campaign - planning, implementation, tracking and optimizing will be included throughout.


Mike Chapman, Vice President / Account Director

Mike has more than 25 years of marketing and advertising agency experience. Mike is Vice President/Account Director at Springboard Brand & Creative Strategy, a leading healthcare branding and marketing firm located outside of Chicago. He oversees brand strategy and planning for integrated campaigns at hospitals and health systems nationwide, winning numerous healthcare marketing awards. Mike received a BS in marketing/advertising from Indiana University and has presented at many state and national healthcare conferences, including SHSMD and Hospital Marketing National.

Digital Tulip

Trending Now: 3 Ways Online Marketing Is Evolving

Kristy Lowery will discuss three ways digital marketing is evolving including voice search, Facebook’s targeting capabilities and OTT (connected TV or streaming device advertising). Learn about our strategic approach to stay current for successful healthcare marketing campaigns.


Kristy Lowery
Kristy, founder and chief strategist at Digital Tulip, utilizes digital marketing strategies to elevate hundreds of businesses and medical practices with increased profit margins, better payer mix and new patient volume.

Kristy’s career began with print media sales and grew to a digital sales directorship where she won multiple awards, leading her television stations' sales teams to outperform many others. During her 15 years of media sales, management and strategic partnerships, Kristy laid the foundation for Digital Tulip, a full service digital marketing agency specializing in healthcare marketing and business consulting.

Kristy’s expertise spans all aspects of digital marketing including social media marketing, search engine marketing, website development and branding. Digital Tulip has worked with over 30 medical specialties, 10+ hospitals nationally, numerous clinics and private practices, quickly building a reputation for results. Digital Tulip experiences consistent growth due to volume of referrals from successful clients. A hospital CEO recently referred to her as their “secret weapon.”



TAMMY MOLOY     Partner and Senior Consultant with Ashley Rountree

Topic: Increasing Retention Rates with a Stewardship Checklist

Donor retention rates for charities – including hospital foundations – are at record lows.  Ashley Rountree and Associates Partner, Tammy Moloy, presented some of the reasons why this is happening and suggested a solution for this looming problem. The solution could be as simple as a stewardship checklist.  



HOPE SOWDERS     Business Development and Paper Guru, Mohawk

Topic: The Competition for Your Audiences' Attention Has Risen to a Fever Pitch

They are overwhelmed, bombarded with more-more-more, with less impact. What we make needs to matter, to make an impression, to elevate itself from the endless churn of communication. How? Make effective things, great things, that slow people down, activate their senses and command their attention. Mohawk is here to help you do that by teaching you how to use uncoated textured and colored papers as a tool to move the needle from good to great.

Hope works with creatives, end-users, and printers to create beautiful, effective, and memorable messaging for a quite a while.  This session left the audience wondering if she drinks a lot of caffeine or if she is really that excited about paper!

cody vest.jpg

CODY VEST   Creative Director, Vest Advertising

Topic: Brains over Brawn: How the Direct Digital Age Will Level the Playing Field

Cody Vest is Creative Director of Vest Advertising and a second generation ad-man.  He has launched campaigns and marketing solutions for National healthcare brands such as Humana, Wolters Kluwer, and Partners in Primary Care.  He is tenacious about data.  He and his team at Vest pioneered a web application that empowered Facebook’s ad platform to give his clients unique data about their competitors and customers by mining and monitoring their Facebook strategies.  He continues to create ways to give clients more from their digital and traditional campaigns utilizing direct digital technologies and strategies, building brands for sustainable growth.  He is the father of five daughters, husband of one wife, and (in his free time) an amateur fine artist, guitar enthusiast and fisherman. 

 Dale Vanover

DALE VANOVER  Marketing Specialist, Owensboro Health & DAVID STURTZ Digital Marketing Product Owner, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist Geonetric Inc.

Topic: Taking A Holistic Approach to SEO and PPC Pays Off For Owensboro Health

Owensboro Health wanted to take a research-based approach to understanding and improving their search engine performance. Together with their partner, Geonetric, they analyzed data, conducted research, and prioritized projects that aligned with Owensboro Health’s goals. That work paid off to the tune of a 58% increase in unique organic pageviews on provider profiles and a 1,400% increase in organic entrances for a recently acquired hospital. Insights from this project have translated into new efforts focused on ensuring that paid traffic and SEO are working together to deliver the highest value.

 David Sturtz

In this session, participants learned how to:

  • Determine how your current SEO efforts are performing and identify opportunities for improvement

  • Check the technical aspects of your site and content that can impact SEO, such as meta descriptions

  • Take steps to ensure your PPC and SEO efforts are working together to deliver to most value to your organization


2018 KSHPRM Board Members


Alison Mattingly
Director of Marketing
Breckinridge Health   Hardinsburg


Karen Olsen - Allegra.jpg

Membership / Event Chair

Karen Olsen
Senior Account Executive




 Michael Cunningham
Communication Specialist



Kristin Closson
Physician Liaison
 Highlands Regional Medical Center - Prestonsburg


Deonna Bailey.edited.jpg


Deonna Bailey, RN
Chief Marketing Officer
Gateway Rehab Hospital -Florence

Nathan Engels.130px.jpeg

Nathan Engels
Digital Communications Mgr St. Elizabeth Healthcare



Vice President, Secretary

Bill Oldham
Dir of Planning & Marketing
Twin Lakes Reg Med Center - Leitchfield



Thoroughbred Co-Chair

Tammy Moloy
Partner & Senior Consultant
Ashley Rountree & Associates


Pam Kirchem.jpg

Kentucky Hospital Association Liaison

Pam Kirchem, MBA FACHE
Dir of Hospital Services
Kentucky Hospital Assoc

Nicole Winkleman.130px.jpg

Thoroughbred Co-Chair

Nicole Winkleman
Telehealth Project Director
Kentucky Rural Healthcare Information Organization